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Dr. M. Kenny Hall and Dr. Gana Nadiga
Cataract Surgery
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LASIK Vision Correction Surgery

The human lens in the eye is normally crystal clear, but when it becomes opaque, we call it a ‘cataract’.  It is simply a cloudy lens. As the opacity worsens, it prevents light from properly focusing on the retina, the light sensitive tissue lining the back of the eye. Early lens  opacities may not disturb vision significantly. But as the lens continues to change, the vision becomes blurred and the person notices glare, haziness, and difficulty with seeing street signs or reading, for example.

When you feel that your vision affects your daily activities or your lifestyle and you desire better vision, cataract surgery should be considered. Cataracts can only be removed with surgery. 
At the Hall Eye Clinic, we seek to provide the highest quality eye care including routine eye exams, vision exams, eye health testing, and the detection and treatment of diseases of the eye. In addition, using state-of-the-art equipment, Dr. Hall and Dr. Nadiga, perform surgeries on an outpatient basis at the Hall Surgery Center. 
If your natural lens is clear, and you’re under age 50, then you’re likely a better candidate for LASIK (Laser Assisted in situ Keratomileusis). This is because your natural lens still has some near focusing ability left, though it may be diminished, and the LASIK surgery can correct your distance vision while you use this near focusing ability of your lens to help see up close. LASIK is a surgery of the cornea, or front surface of the eye, and during LASIK the natural lens is not touched. 
For more information on Cataract and Lasik Surgery visit the American Academy of Ophthalmolgy's website at www.aao.org